Getting In Shape (and Staying Sane)

No one is perfect (as we all learned on Sunday, when the beautiful and talented Jennifer Lawrence fell on the way to accept her Best Actress Oscar). We are all human. You may have a few goals to you want to achieve before your wedding day but there’s no need to drive yourself insane.


Top Five Tips to Getting In Shape While Staying Sane Before Your Wedding-by Shannon Gail, owner of Bridal Sculpt.

1. DON’T fixate on “losing weight.” So many Brides drive themselves crazy with the number on the scale! A lower number doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like the way you look more or that you are becoming stronger or healthier. In fact, by toning your body to look great in your gown, your weight may actually stay the same or (GASP), go up a couple pounds.

2. Find a form of exercise you actually enjoy! You already have extra work and stress on your plate from planning a wedding, so the last thing you should be doing is spending an hour a day on the treadmill if you absolutely despise it. Do something that lets your mind escape for a bit. Take a class with your Bridesmaids, walk your dogs an extra mile per day, or play tennis with your beau!

3. Cut back/substitute your alcohol intake. I know, I know…but those Friday night margarita nights really do add up. Instead, replace it for a vodka tonic or a glass of red wine and try not to drink your calories away.

4. Watch your snack and sweet consumption at wedding celebration events! You may not notice it, but between engagement parties, showers, cake tastings, etc. you tend to be exposed to more unhealthy foods as you plan your wedding. Of course you should be enjoying yourself, but simply watch your proportions and don’t go overboard.

5. Finally and most importantly, try not to put so much stress on yourself to get in shape for your wedding. The truth is, your fiancé loves you the way you are which is why he proposed. Stress can actually be completely counterproductive when you are trying to get in shape. In addition, you don’t want to look completely different in your wedding photos to the point where you are unrecognizable to your kids 5 years from now. Do your best to be healthy and tone up for your gown, but that should be the extent.

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Shannon Gail is the owner of a Chicago based wedding planning company and a fitness enthusiast at heart. From kickboxing and boot camp to yoga, pilates, and even running a marathon, she constantly tries to keep health at the forefront of her life. After years of juggling her own personal fitness goals with a busy work schedule and listening to her Brides stress about getting in shape for their wedding day, she decided to come up with her own solution with Bridal Sculpt. Shannon’s main goal is to empower women by showing them what real beauty is: health, strength, and confidence. Though she spends most of her time behind the scenes making the business run, you’ll often find her sweating front row in the Bridal Sculpt class!


  1. Wonderful article Scott and Cara! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Let’s get FIT ladies! :)

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