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Couture dessert tables have become a major trend at weddings and Sugar Chic Designs has taken the industry by storm with their decadent and delicious edible design. There are so many ways to incorporate a sweets table into the wedding day. Sugar Chic’s sweetscapes are both beautiful and tasty which make them an absolute hit for any occasion.


We sat down with Amy DiTomasso, Founder of Sugar Chic to get the scoop on how she makes thinks so pretty and sweet!


How do you determine flavors for your tables? Do you mix? The flavors are tailored by client’s tastes and requests, but I also suggest sweets that complement one another and coordinate with the event’s theme and color palette. My tables are very style-based, so I like to choose pieces that coordinate with the “style personality” of my client.  Just like in fashion, some people prefer bolder, bright colors, while others love a subtle, very classic look.  Once I have a clear picture of my client’s taste, I like to draw inspiration from fabrics and scrap booking paper designs to elaborate on the overall look of the table. I pay very close attention to detail, piecing together selections the way a wardrobe stylist might choose accessories for an outfit.



Do you use any childhood classics?  Any popular requests? People LOVE the gummy grapefruit slices. I get raves about them all the time.
My personal favorite: the triple dipped malted milk balls.  They’re so rich and delicious.


Where do you get your inspiration? I love going to Joann Fabrics to look at scrap booking papers, swaths of fabrics, and ribbon.  I also love fashion and get ideas from magazines, fashion blogs and, of course, Pinterest!


Any outrageous or wild requests? Nothing is too crazy…lol!  We love being imaginative and celebrating creativity.


What are some of your favorite designs? One of my favorite table designs is my Hermes inspired table. I love fashion, and the Hermes box is so classic and iconic. It was a delight to put that together.



For more information on Sugar Chic Designs, visit her online:

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