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Don’t forget to say thank you! Post-Wedding Etiquette by Michelle Durpetti Events


Weddings are a time of immense generosity from your friends and family. From taking the time to attend your wedding to gifting you something from your registry, family and friends go out of their way to celebrate your big day. This is why it is so important to make sure you take the time to thank them with a handwritten note!


People you must write a thank you note to include; anyone who gives you a wedding present, which includes a physical or monetary gift, your attendants, people who host showers, brunches or the like for you, people who host and/or entertain your guests, people who make your day easier and suppliers and vendors who go above and beyond your expectations. If you received a monetary gift, explaining what you will be using the funds for helps personalize the gift for the giver. If you had an uncle that volunteered to collect your gifts from the reception, you need to make sure and mention that in your note to him. Bottom line is that you need to write everyone a thank you note! The good news is that it is no longer the brides’ sole responsibility to write the letters, so feel free to divide the responsibility between you and your spouse. Also, do not use being late as an excuse not to write. Even if you spend your first wedding anniversary writing thank you notes, keep writing until everyone has gotten a note!

To make it easier to track gifts, and make sure that everyone receives a note, make a spreadsheet of when the gift was received, a description of the present, name of givers and the date the thank you note was dropped in the mail. This way you can keep track of everything you receive. Presents will mostly start arriving after your guests receive their invitations and continue up to 6 months after the wedding, so having a good system for tracking gifts is extremely important.



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